Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer Crops

After sowing spring crops in September, we left 700 acres fallow. Some was still too wet and generally it was just too late to keep sowing. More rain in November meant that it was still too wet to plant summer crops. The paddock below was planted early December on sorghum stubble. We managed to plant another paddock, but had to pull the pin on planting any more. So all up we got 180 acres of maize in.

Maize on Sorghum Stubble

My Brother planted some sunflowers in his garden (below). They have grown alright. I was going to put a paddock in, but it got too late. I think they will grow well here. Only three things worry me: birds, weeds and profitability. Apart from that they should be fine.
Sunflowers at Winnindoo

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