Friday, January 14, 2011

Maize Establishment

I have taken the punt and planted 29 ha of maize and 22 ha of grain sorghum. I fallowed a paddock after wheat harvest 2009. This paddock yielded poorly with the heatwave in Nov '09 and crown rot affecting the wheat. It has had a long history of winter crops, especially cereals so it needs a break. I don't like the idea of sowing to pasture and running sheep so a summer crop or three seems a good option to me. Here is a photo of the fallow taken on the 29th of October, just before planting:
Wheat stubble ready for corn planting
I planted on the 6th November with the same Seedhawk that planted our Bairnsdale trial. 36,000 seeds/ha and 70Kg DAP. Here is a photo taken on the 10th:
Seedhawk planted corn
This photo was taken on the 18th of December. The lighter green is Hycorn 504 (97 CRM) and the darker green on the headland is DKC 37-12 (87 CRM). Just after this photo I topdressed with 120 Kg/ha of Urea and 80 Kg/ha of MOP. I also applied a foliar Zinc.
Hycorn 504 and DKC 37-12

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