Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bairnsdale Trial 2009-10

Fodder rape and Grain Maize at Bairnsdale 24 Feb 2010
In mid November an attempt was made to plant at the Bairnsdale trial site. The site had been long fallowed after a faba bean crop in 2008. The available row crop planter was unable to penetrate effectively so the trial was put on hold until a solution could be found.
On the 9th of December we planted 6 corn hybrids and 5 sorghum hybrids as well as two sunflower hybrids and one soybean variety. The machine we used was a Seed Hawk knife point parallelogram airseeder. The machine was set up on 30" rows and did an excellent job of seed depth placement. Seed spacing is what you would expect with an airseeder however some rows were thicker than others, possibly due to some makeshift work on the distributer heads to sow on every third row.
Only 80mm of rain fell in the first two months after planting, however the crops never looked back. Good rain in February should ensure very good grain fill! Unfortunately some sheep managed to get into the trial site and took a liking to the soybeans. They have regrown since being grazed however they suffered a significant reduction in biomass.

Bairnsdale Summer Rain 2009-10

Sunflowers, Bairnsdale 24 Feb 2010
Sorghum, Bairnsdale 24 Feb 2010

Maize, Bairnsdale 24 Feb 2010

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