Saturday, January 15, 2011


Chickpeas would be the perfect fit for us after maize and before our next winter crop. I planted some chickpeas in my vegetable garden, just to see how they would grow. They are a Desi variety, I think they are 'Slasher'. Tim Brown should know, he gave me the seed. They were planted mid September without any fertiliser or innoculant. I think they should go in earlier, July or August maybe. In our climate they should start to set pods in November when the average daily temp is 15 degrees. November is our wettest month, so they should have plenty of moisture to finish, might not be good for disease though. This photo was taken on the 10th of November and they have just got their first flowers.

Chicpeas Nov 10 2010

Chickpeas, Toongabbie, 29 Dec 2010
The next 3 photos were taken on the 29th of December. They have grown well, I think - but I don't know anything at all about chickpeas.

In this photo you might be able to see mature pods, new pods and also some new flowers. There is a break in the pods just below the top where we had a cool period in late Nov - early December.

29 Dec 2010, Chickpea Pods

There won't be any chickpeas at all thanks to these little fellas. They have dropped all the mature pods and sucked the life out of the immature pods. It would have been good to see what they would have yielded. Anyway, will have to do a few acres next year.

Chickpea pod borer, Helicoverpa. 29 Dec 2010

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